07 Antonoffs, Unite

Creatively supercharged, hypnotically charming—together, Rachel and Jack are truly something special to behold. It’s hard to take your eyes off these two (or guess what they’ll be up to next), whether they’re giving you a peek into their sibling banter in an interview or making cameos in each other’s work. After falling down countless YouTube rabbit holes, we’ve managed to collect four of our favorite Antonoff moments to share with you.


Secrets are revealed in this short Teen Vogue Faceoff where the two guess answers to questions about the other.


“Crush” works triple duty—showcasing Rachel’s 2013 collection, starring Jack and telling the story of how their parents fell in love (narrated by said parents).


The music video for Steel Train’s “Bullet” (Jack’s band pre-fun.) features Rachel as one of the female leads.


And finally, this video not only features Rachel’s 2010 collection, but also reenacts a hallmark scene from the cult classic film, Teen Witch.