Welcome to The Fire Theft Project
new and, indeed, improved.

Robert Cherry, EditorSometimes the hardest part of any creative endeavor is admitting when something is not working. Like our old digital format. Once we were honest with ourselves, we realized that publishing the magazine via Apple Newsstand really didn’t mirror our own behavior as information junkies.

The interactive magazine had some cool bells and whistles, but it was simply a hassle—albeit a minor one—to port over to another app to download and read a standalone issue on your iPad, no matter how awesome the content might’ve been (and we stand behind that). After all, you shouldn’t have to wait for inspiration.

That’s why we’ve redesigned the magazine as an all-inclusive online experience, connected to all the other inspiring stuff out there. Instead of downloading individual issues, you can simply access everything we’ve ever published, right here on this smartly designed new site, via whatever device you prefer.

Of course, “everything” includes our latest issue, which features fashion designer Rachel Antonoff and her musical brother Jack, of fun. and Bleachers fame. We cover a lot of territory with both of them—from cornering inspiration to conquering fear—and pair it with tons of great photos and fun (and fun.) tangents.

As always, thanks for reading. Whatever your creative medium, we hope you find something on the site to inspire your next project. And if you prefer more frequent updates and additional content, please follow us on the social media site of your choice.

Robert Cherry, Editor