The first innovation story was a heist caper—a tale common to all cultures (paging Dr. Jung), about stealing fire, the technological advancement that separated man from beast.

The tale’s anti-hero is known by many names. Prometheus. Matarisvan. Loki. Maui. Crow. But whatever the alias and respective culture, he’s always a trickster, a risk-taking Robin Hood who liberates the spark—which has been locked away by the gods—and gifts it to mankind.

Some things never change. Any creative act requires passion, courage, wiles—a plan!—plus a swift kick to the status quo to bring something new into the world.

The Fire Theft Project is a little job dedicated to that spirit. Here, we’ll share stories about the risks required to lead a creative life, with the intent to spark even more creative fire in the world. Thanks for joining us on the adventure.