07 Sparks: Creative Inspiration from Rachel

  • Trust your instincts For Rachel, the runway doesn’t always feel like the right way to showcase her collections—but video gives her the freedom to create and manipulate the perfect environment. “[It’s] the only way to show people the world we see the clothes living in. We just want it to be interesting and funny and not pretentious.”
  • Use what (or who) you got “My family is really close, and family and friends were always a big part of my inspiration,” says Rachel. “It seemed really natural to me to involve them.”
  • Commit to your sweet spot When collaborating with buyers with a very clear vision, find the balance between representing your aesthetic within their demands. It’s ok to push the boundaries a little (in either direction), just always keep a line of sight to what’s true to you.
  • Less tinkering, more doing Many a great idea has been suffocated on its path to fruition. That’s why Rachel thinks it’s best just to do it. “Make decisions and [don’t] stress over the little details, because then you’ll get nothing done.”
  • Put yourself out there While Rachel never intended to create a career in fashion, she allowed herself to explore the possibilities as they were presented. “It seemed like it would be silly to not see where this goes,” says Rachel. “And then I did fall in love with it and realized this is what I want to do.”
  • It’s all going to be ok Venturing into new territory can be exciting—and overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to rely on others, and just put your head down and power through. It will all work out in the end… usually.
  • Ideas come when they want “Every time I have what I think is a good idea,” says Rachel, “I always follow that with, ‘I’m so glad I was two hours late and driving down a one-way street because I never would have had that idea otherwise.’