12 Hustlers: Unknown

The idea of a side hustle is not something new. But it’s often surprising to discover the unknown side hustles of people in your universe—especially people in the public eye (celebs—they’re just like us!!). While these tangential gigs aren’t likely to take the lead in these celebrities’ lives, we’re inspired to see how these multi-passionates are bringing all of their dreams to life.

Venus Williams
Tennis Star / Altheisure Creator / Interior Designer
When she’s not sweating it out on the tennis court, Venus is heading two successful companies. EleVen by Venus Williams is a fashion-forward active-wear line, and V Starr Interiors is a high-end interior design firm that’s outfitting chic spaces across the country.

Photo Courtesy of V Starr Interiors
Photo Courtesy of V Starr Interiors

Jeremy Renner
Actor / House Flipper
Between action-packed roles, Jeremy enjoys flipping houses (buying, renovating and reselling) with his friend and business partner. Over the past 15 years, the pair has flipped more than 20 houses.

Instagram / renner4real

Susan Sarandon
Actress / Ping-pong Enthusiast
Yes, you read that right. In 2009, Susan co-founded a ping-pong-themed bar called SPiN with her then-boyfriend and friends. She remains the co-owner of the New York and Toronto locations, with others opening in several cities.

Photo Courtesy of SPIN

Tom Selleck
Actor / Avocado Farmer
The established actor lives on and operates a 60-acre ranch in California with 2,100 avocado trees (despite, apparently, not even liking the fruit).

Photo Courtesy of The Mirror

Erykah Badu
Singer / Songwriter / Doula
Since 2001, Badu has assisted in over 40 births as a certified doula—a non-medical birth coach that offers support, guidance and physical help to mothers in labor. After giving birth to her own three children in her home and assisting a close friend through her birth experience, she felt compelled to follow her passion.

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images