09 The Lost Archives

Damian mentioned that one of the band’s first forays into internet videos, way back in 2002, was a 12-part series of mini videos, featuring a short vignette and a song. While he was unsure whether they were still floating around in cyberspace, we had faith that trusty internet sleuths would be able to uncover the goods. And uncover, they did. So here, for your viewing pleasure, is the very bizarre (and very 2002) collection of videos known as the “Federal Truth in Music.” 


FTMP 003 – Super Hygenics: Truth in Dentistry


FTMP 004 – Variety: Truth in Snacking

FTMP 005 – Precision Accounting: Truth in Paperwork


FTMP 006 – Schizotypal Indicators: Truth in Craftsmanship


FTMP 007 – Monogamy: Truth in Relationships


FTMP 011 – 1-800-JEFFY: Truth in Customer Service


FTMP 013 – Accuracy: Truth in Basketball

FTMP 014 – Business and Pleasure: Truth in Show Business

FTMP 015 – Positive Self-Image: Truth in Physical Fitness

FTMP 016 – Juvenile Health and Wellness: Truth in Youth Mentoring


FTMP 017 – Vehiculo-Spatial Awareness: Truth in Parking


FTMP 018 – Entry-Level Employment: Truth in the Job Market