09 Our Favorite Videos

OK Go, a.k.a. the music video kings, are experts in continually shattering expectations of what a music video should be. From elaborately choreographed dances to precisely timed illusions to performing in zero-gravity, they’ve continually proved that there is no limit to what they can create. Here, we’ve collected 11 of our favorites from their repertoire (which was no easy feat). Consider this your own personal internet rabbit hole, served up in a convenient all-in-one package. Enjoy.


“A Million Ways” (a.k.a. the backyard dance) — Feb 26, 2009
The group’s first foray into choreography and self-production, this video helped establish their signature style and was at the cusp of taking the internet by storm.

“Here It Goes Again” (a.k.a. the treadmill video) — Feb 26, 2009
Uploaded the same time as “A Million Ways”—because, as Damian mentioned, one of YouTube’s founders reached out and requested they upload their videos to the budding platform—this was one of the internet’s first viral videos, and one that remains tightly linked to OK Go’s public persona to this day.

“This Too Shall Pass” (a.k.a. the Rube Goldberg machine) — Mar 1, 2010
An iconic example of a to-the-max Rube Goldberg machine—defined as a deliberately complex contraption completing simple tasks in a domino effect—this video is as mesmerizing as it was groundbreaking.

“End Love” (a.k.a. the stop-motion video, a.k.a. the one with the goose) — Jun 14, 2010
An experiment in stop-motion video, this video has the guys floating around a park creating fun visual effects, and has a surprise special guest join in at the end.

“White Knuckles” (a.k.a. the dog video) — Sep 19, 2010
If you thought choreographing humans was difficult, this video takes it to the next level, adding some especially gifted pooches to the mix.

“All Is Not Lost” (a.k.a. the trippy bottom-view dance) — July 25, 2011
Equal parts hypnotic and uncomfortable, this video is a collaboration with the dance group Pilobolus, featuring body suits, bare feet and a sturdy piece of plexiglass.

“Needing/Getting” (a.k.a. the one with the car) — Feb 5, 2012
What do you do when Chevrolet gives you a car? Make music, of course. After constructing an impressively large-scale obstacle course, the group expertly maneuvered through each hairpin turn and high note to create a perfectly timed backdrop to an emotionally powerful song.

“The Writing’s On the Wall” (a.k.a. the optical illusion video) — June 17, 2014
Prepare your eyeballs for something amazing. This truly mind-melting video plays with perspective and expectation to create a video that packs a surprising punch with every turn of the camera.

“I Won’t Let You Down” (a.k.a. the one with the scooters) — Oct 27, 2014
Scooters, drones and what seems like a million trained extras make this larger-than-life video a piece of art to behold. “Surely, it must be CGI,” you’re thinking. Think again.

“Upside Down & Inside Out” (a.k.a. the zero-gravity airplane video) — Feb 13, 2016
Take what you thought was possible, and throw it out the window. With all the choreography taking place in zero gravity, this video offers up giggle-worthy surprises at every successive verse. Bonus: just try not to get sucked into all of the behind-the-scenes videos—perhaps even more entrancing than the video itself!

“The One Moment” (a.k.a. the slow-mo video) — Nov 24, 2016
The group’s most recent video, this one gets increasingly more amazing the more you think about it. “Wait, so ALL of that happened in just that one burst of energy?!” Oh, yeah, baby.