08 Sparks: Creative Inspiration from Claudio

  • Understand your process “My wife is always like, ‘you’ve got to sit down and write,’ but I can’t put time aside and go to work, it happens when it happens, and most of the time it’s in the morning when there are very few distractions.”
  • Grow with the idea Creativity doesn’t follow a straight-line path. Stay tuned into your idea as it grows and allow yourself the flexibility to shift gears if needed. The result will be organic and fueled by passion—even if it’s something totally different than what you started out pursuing.
  • Personal with a twist The trite advice to “write what you know” doesn’t have to be so boring. Find inspiration from your life and use it as a jumping-off point for something wonderfully tangential. “I never thought my own life was interesting to talk about, so I would create fiction around it.”
  • Keep at it Claudio began making music when he was 12 and didn’t get signed with Coheed until he was about 23. If you’re passionate about your pursuit, continue working hard; it could only be a matter of time until the stars align in your favor.
  • Be forgiving and flexible Even with band members fighting their own personal battles, Coheed has been able to maintain its familial vibes by adapting to changing dynamics and never holding those struggles over anyone’s head.