We don’t like to play favorites, but since Fred got to pick his top characters, we joined in too. Here’s the breakdown of our chart-topping picks.


Nicholas Fehn
An SNL Weekend Update regular guest, Mr. Fehn is a self-proclaimed political comedian who provides commentary on today’s newspaper headlines.

Ian Rubbish
Punk-rock front man Ian Rubbish, known for his deep-seated hatred of most everything, led his band into a downward spiral as he developed a soft spot for then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Crisis of Conformity
A rock-band reunion turns an unsuspecting wedding reception into a punk show—mosh pit included.

Danielle: A Free European Woman
Based on the oddball genre of English-speaking movies re-dubbed in English, this “soft core classic” follows the story of a… sensual date between Danielle and her suitor Maurice.



Feminist Bookstore
Premiering as a ThunderAnt original and later adapted for Portlandia, Fred’s Candice works to uphold the strict standards of modern day feminism in her co-owned bookstore, Women and Women First

Garth & Kat
This ever-unprepared musical duo was a regular guest on SNL’s Weekend Update and never disappointed with their uniquely ad-libbed numbers.

Dave & Kath
This outdoorsy couple, a recurring character set on Portlandia, show the struggle (and it always is quite a struggle) between their wannabe-passion for nature and their total cluelessness.

Peter & Nance
Bohemian couple Peter and Nance, another Portlandia regular, want to experience all that it is to live in Portland but have an embarrassing tendency to overdo it.