01 REview, REthink, REnew

Fred’s not the only one that revels in a fresh start. These unexpected celeb career shifts show that great things can come from going with your gut.





The Mighty Governator – a past Mr. Universe winner, jack-of-all-trades Arnold Schwarzenegger left his career in as a pro bodybuilder to become an action movie icon and later a politician, winning the California 2006 gubernatorial election




Big George Goes Lean & Mean – boxer and Olympic gold medalist George Foreman has retired (at least) twice from his athletic fame, with a resume that also includes stints as an ordained minister, an author, and a health-conscious entrepreneur that launched “The George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine”



Double Star Power – part rockstar, part astrophysicist, Queen guitarist Brian May took an academic break for a shot at stardom but later returned to his first passion, eventually earning his PhD and co-authoring several publications




Covert Cook – renowned chef Julia Child didn’t pick up the rolling pin and tenderizer until she was 36 years old, having spent most of her earlier working life as a research assistant for the Secret Intelligence Division of the Office of Strategic Services




White Castle to White House – Kalpen Modi, who is perhaps better known as Kumar from the cult-classic movie Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, traded the spotlight for something a little more serious, taking on the role of associate director at the White House Office of Public Engagement




NFL to SC – when NFL Hall of Famer Alan Page finished his sterling football career, he put his law degree to work and was later appointed to the Minnesota Supreme Court in 1993—a position he still holds today