02 We’re Not Worthy

In the time it took us to wrap up this issue, Wayne busily blazed several new trails—all while touring. This is a look back at a few of the highlights from 2013.

Retrain Your Brain

Coyne starred in the psychedelic Virgin Mobile commercial “Retrain Your Brain” in March of 2013.

Lucky 13

The Flaming Lips released their 13th studio album The Terror in April 2013.

Comic Genius

The multi-faceted media maven wrote and illustrated a graphic comic book titled The Sun is Sick, published July 2013.

Guest Star

From Moby’s newest album Innocents (October 2013), Coyne provided guest vocals for the track “The Perfect Life.”

Cover Swap

The Lips collaborated with tour-mates Tame Impala to create an EP with covers of each others’ songs, only sold at their shows through October and November 2013.

Silver Screen

Coyne wrote and recorded songs for the film adaptation of Ender’s Game, released November 2013.