06 Sparks: Creative inspiration from Tig, David and Kyle… aaaaand Aaron

  • Don’t Mess with the Muse Many creative people don’t like to analyze the process, fearing they might undo the magic—or worse, bore people. Count our Professor Blastoff hosts among them. Our interview almost didn’t happen when the trio thought we were interested in discussing the creative process behind comedy—a real yawn in their eyes. Fortunately, they humored us—as comedians do—and, once in the flow of the podcast, couldn’t help but provide a peek behind the curtain.
  • Do the Work & Be Fearless In David’s words: “There’s no talent that overcomes lack of work.” Reaching your goal, whatever it may be, requires taking consistent steps in the right direction. Don’t worry about falling short. Don’t worry about taking a wrong turn. Don’t worry about achieving perfection. Just do the work and you’ll be amazed at the progress. “If I just do a little bit of something every day,” said Tig. “Looking back after a year, it’s like, I can’t believe those little tiny steps got me here.”
  • Trust the Chemistry Will three friends chatting on the radio translate to live entertainment? Yup… if the chemistry is right. In any creative endeavor, trusting your instincts, finding a flow that works for you, and being true to yourself will help make sure the art shines… even amidst changing variables.
  • Live in the Moment Whether on stage, on the podcast or approaching day-to-day life, Tig knows how to truly stay focused in the moment. Life is unpredictable—both in good and not-so-good ways—so staying open and surrendering to the situation at hand can often make both the troubling times more surmountable and the happier times unforgettable. Some of Professor Blastoff’s most noteworthy moments have sprouted from embracing unplanned happenings and adding a splash of quick wit.
  • Give it Meaning “Art stands on the shoulders of something else,” said Kyle. “You have to connect with what people already know or it won’t affect them.” While being cutting edge is often key for creative work, without linking to a meaningful context, the entire experience of the art could easily be lost in translation.
  • Feed Your Brain A principle proven through science and through this gang of creative masters’ personal philosophies, generating a rich creative product stems from taking in a breadth of experiences. Hiking, running, podcast-listening… wherever your passion lies, make the effort to do it. No more “I’m too busy” excuses—it’s all a matter of time management, and the payoff is well worth the extra time spent doing.
  • Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark If there’s one thing to be learned from Tig’s turning-point career moment, it’s the undeniable power of connecting through truth. By revealing and sharing the intimate struggles during the most difficult period of her life—a serious illness, her mother’s passing, a breakup and her cancer diagnosis… all within four months—she touched countless lives in ways possibly never before done through comedy.