04 Sparks: Creative inspiration from Joy

Sparks_Fire_4 _rowsRelish the now Putting yourself and your art into the world can bring a paralyzing wave of “what ifs” that could cloud your experience: “The only way I survived and enjoyed the process amidst all that pressure was just staying fully present and letting myself feel everything I was feeling in that moment.”

Sparks_Fire_4 _rowsCollaborative balance For Joy and JP, a duo comprised of polar opposites is what unlocked their creative potential: “Something I think is a strength can also drive me crazy. The thing John Paul was really good at was saying, ‘No, that’s really good. We got what we need, let’s move on to the next thing.’” 

Sparks_Fire4Beware of the burnout While at first it may seem that saying “no” is a quick way to stifle a budding career, setting smart boundaries is the key to gaining momentum without losing heart.

Sparks_Fire4What’s meant to be will be “Like Steinbeck said, ‘Nothing good gets away,’ so if I’m meant to do music, I’ll find a way to do it that inspires me to risk everything and jump off that ledge again.”

Sparks_Fire_4 _rowsGrow yourself, grow your art “My worldview shifted like tectonic plates from 17 to my mid-20s, and over time, I just started feeling less and less comfortable with the type of music I was making… I wanted to write things that moved me and not feel like I had any parameters telling me what to do or not to do.”