04 Moving On

While the Civil Wars duo has faced a breakdown, Joy has done anything but take a break herself. “I’ve written and recorded over 50 songs in the past year for my solo album,” Williams told The Fire Theft in an exclusive post-breakup interview. “I’ve been working in both LA and Nashville with a handful of wonderful writers and producers, including Ryan Adams, Matt Morris, Dan Wilson, Jeff Bhasker, Charlie Peacock, Jack Antonoff, Linda Perry and Rick Nowels.”

Here’s just a quick glimpse of what she’s been up to and what’s on her horizon.

Solemn Soundtrack

Joy collaborated with Chris Cornell to record the soulful track “Misery Chain” that appeared on the 12 Years a Slave soundtrack in November 2013.

Made for TV

Collaborating with The National’s Matt Berninger, Joy recorded “Hush,” the theme song for AMC’s new show TURN, which premiered in April 2014.

Into the Archives

Joy’s previously unreleased 2010 cover of Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World” was featured on the April 24th episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Also, accompanying their official split-up announcement, the Civil Wars released their 2010 cover of “You Are My Sunshine” for the first time as a digital download.

 Flying Solo

In April 2014, Joy began recording a solo album—her first full-length work since 2005’s Genesis. “Right now I am in a studio in Venice Beach,” said Williams. “I’m feeling really inspired by what I am discovering in this new creative chapter.”