05 SPARKS: Creative Inspiration from Lance

  • Capture what’s happening, while it’s happening Lance stays on the bleeding edge of music, comedy and film by actively pursuing any opportunity that interests him. Whether there’s a new act touring through town, a gig in a venue he’s never been to or simply a person he finds truly interesting, he can’t help but dive in and be a part of it all.
  • Keep an open mind While some find it easy to write off new bands as carbon copies of days past, Lance has the ability to spot singular traits that make artists exciting and unique. Plus, Lance adds, “People who get easily jaded aren’t very interesting to me.”
  • Stay fluid Especially in Lance’s behind-the-scenes film style, it’s important to feel comfortable going with the flow. From candid reactions to camera confessions to unpredictable live-performance awesomeness, Lance’s ability to improvise and stay at the ready is paramount to his art.
  • Empathize with your subject Lance gets his interview subjects to open up on camera by putting himself in their shoes and making sure they feel at ease. He keeps crew to minimum, uses low lighting, and often films in the early morning hours to create a sense of intimacy.
  • Find balance through variety “There’s a greater risk of getting burnt out if you do the same thing over and over,” Lance say. “So for me, jumping between serious documentaries, personal experimental films, longer form music projects, short-term music videos and comedy pieces has been a really good balance.”
  • Make it personal Lance is passionate about putting his unique spin on things he loves—and never settling for less. “It’s important just to do things that you would be proud to show to other people and not make work that’s only done for financial reasons.”