It all started with Miley. But since Vanessa joined SNL’s cast in 2010, she’s introduced the world to a myriad of characters, both impersonated and original. However, it’s her uncanny ability to harness youthful innocence to deliver big comedic impact that really sets her apart from the crowd. Here are some of our favorite moments.


Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy

This dad-joke-loving boy (or excuse me, young man) could very well be the definition of “childlike purity,” rolling earnestness, pride and innocence into one extremely awkward (yet adorable) package. “…so God sent ten horrible plagues. Pretty bad, but it beats doin’ homework!”


Gaddafi’s Two Best Friends From Growing Up

No one knows you like your lifelong best friends, so when Vanessa and Fred Armisen team up to play Moammar Gaddafi’s childhood besties, the truth come out… well, kinda. “P.S., like, I’m wearing a dress. Like, you can say I look nice. You know what I mean?”


Rosé Zone

The ultimate foil to dad-joke humor? Suburban moms drinking wine. And that just so happens to be another strong suit for Vanessa—highlighting every middle-aged mama’s deep-down desire to pour herself a glass, let down her box-dyed hair and indulge in a little reality TV me-time. “I wanna see women defending their children, or women screaming at children.”


Sound Advice with Janessa Slater

A side project collaborating with big bro Jonah finds Vanessa playing a painfully clueless, know-it-all media coach. Here she is giving advice to Aimee Mann & Ted Leo of The Both. “Aimee, I think that congratulations are in order. You’ve managed to spell both your first and your last names wrong.”